Trolls Color Decorative Lights - Fairy Lights with Color Markers & Die-Cut Papers

by Trolls

The Best Trolls Themed Decorative Lights To Make Your Childs Room Shine!
You love your child and you want to make sure that their surroundings are fun and lively which is exactly we bring you DreamWorks Trolls Fairy Lights that will add appeal, charm to your child's rooms as well as increasing it's fun factor. Considering how popular the Troll series is it's highly likely that your child is a fan. Even if he/she aren't a fan of the Trolls coloring the Troll die-Cut papers and then hanging them as light decorations will prove just as fun.

Create Unique Designs
The best part about this DreamWorks Trolls Fairy Lights Set is that it lets your child use its imagination to think of new designs that he/she can make on their own. Your child can make unique designs with this Decorative LED Set for Kids while having a great time which means that you can give some time to yourself as well.

What's included In This Trolls Color & Decorative Lights Set:
1. Fairy Lights with 10 Bulbs:
Use these Fairy Lights with 10 Bulbs to connect with the cut out and make unique and imaginative designs that you'll love to have in your room.
2. 6 Color Markers:All the colors needed to color your favorite Trolls in this Child Arts & Crafts Set are already present in the Decoration set to make sure you have everything to have a great time
3. 18 Die-Cut Papers:This Trolls Color & LED Decorative Lights set has 18 different Troll designs for your child to color and decorate giving them a lot of options to experiment and challenge their creativity.

This Trolls Color & LED Decorative Lights Set is perfect for kids above the age of six. These DreamWorks Trolls Fairy Lights won't just put a smile a Trolls fan but any child thanks to the amazing Lights and Troll Designs. Click on theAdd To Cartnow to buy this Trolls Color & Decorative Light Set Today!

  • ADD APPEAL TO ANY BEDROM: These Trolls Color & Decorative Lights are the perfect decoration anyone will need to light up their child's room. Any young fan of the Trolls will love to have this set of decorative lights to make their room or surroundings more fun!
  • FUN TO SETUP: Trolls Fairy Lights are a blast to set up for kids. Let you child color in the Die- Cut Papers before attaching them to the fairy lights. This way your child has a great time and you get to add a great light decoration to their room!
  • EASY TO SETUP: Setting up these Trolls Theme Decorative Lights is simple, just color the Die-Cut Papers with the markers and attach the fairy lights on the cut outs. Then simply turn it on to watch these light up like the smile on your little bindles of joy.
  • EVERYTHING YOU NEED: With this Trolls Color & Decorative Lights Set you get everything you need in one simple package. This set of fairy lights include Fairy Lights with bulbs, 6 color markers and 18 pieces die- cut papers to keep your child entertained and his/her room looking fabulous!
  • THE PERFECT GIFT: This set of fairy lights is the perfect gift for any occasion. Whether it's a birthday or a surprise, every kid will be more than happy to get our Trolls Color & Decorative Lights to brighten their room with DreamWorks Trolls Fairy Lights