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Derma Medico Complete Wash Enema Kit for Comfortable Relief!

Even with a well balanced diet and regular exercise, we can start to feel a little off from time to time. From stomach pains to fatigue, pinpointing the exact cause is almost impossible,making it even harder to feel better again.

The Medical-Grade Enema Bulb from Derma Medico can help you address your symptoms head-on! Enemas are more than just the latest health craze. They provide real, no-hassle results by easing constipation, flushing toxins and relieving congestion. They're also great before vaginal or anal intercourse as they provide a fresh, clean feeling and promote hygiene.

Does the idea of an enema still sound intimidating? Don't worry! Our model features a flexible tip measuring 2.25" long with a .25" diameter, providing smooth, comfortable entry. The 7 oz bulb also features a flat base, minimizing the risk of any accidental spills.

Why Choose Our Enema Bulb?

Promotes hygiene before sex
Comfortable to insert
Easy to prepare and use
Compatible with all liquids
Made of medical-grade materials
  • SMOOTH NOZZLE DESIGNED FOR COMFORTABLE ENTRY - Experience the colon cleansing benefits of your enema kit without any discomfort! TRY THE COFFEE ENEMA DETOX
  • GUARANTEED SAFE AND EFFECTIVE MEDICAL DEVICE - Colon Irrigation Kit build from premium material to ensure healthful cleansing experience- great for men and women.
  • EASY TO CLEAN - Colon Cleaning System Durable, Made of Body Safe Medical Materials comes with a Slim Brush for Easy Cleaning. The Different Pieces Disassemble for a Fast, Hygienic Cleanup With Simple Warm, Soapy Water.
  • GREAT FOR ANAL and VAGINAL WASH - Sex Can be Safer, Healthier, Much More Comfortable and Pleasurable When You Use This Enema Anal Cleaner .

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