LOL Surprise! Create Your Own Surprise Jewellery Chest


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PERFECT ACTIVITY FOR INDOORS AND OUTDOORS: Are you looking for a fun activity to do during those rainy days. Are you looking for a party activity for your little one and her friends, Or even, do you want an arts and crafts activity that will allow you to play with your daughter. Then we have the perfect solution for you, a LOL Surprise Glitterati Storage Box that she will be able to paint and decorate

3 SURPRISES INCLUDED: All of our LOL Surprise Jewellery Chests include three surprises, we will not tell you what is it, not to spoil you the surprise, but we are sure that your little princesses will be super happy
PERFECT KEEPSAKE FOR HER JEWELRY: Once your little one has finished decorating our L.O.L. Surprise Jewellery Chest she can use it as a keepsake for her jewels, to keep them safe, sound and in a pretty place