KreativeKraft Dodge the Doo Doo The Ultimate Poo Game

  • WATCH YOUR STEP: Put the blindfold on and spin the wheel of fate. Walk the mat and move across the game hoping to avoid the dreaded doo, be careful, don't step on it. Play the latest must-have game for some disgustingly fantastic fun
  • FOR ALL THE FAMILY: Our Dodge the Doo Doo challenge game is perfect for everyone. You can choose to play with friends or family as it is a multiplayer game, designed to be played in a group. Watch your step though as you may encounter the dreaded poo on your way
  • INCLUDES THE FOLLOWING: Our game includes everything you need for unlimited hours of fun, including Poo walk floor mat (wipeable), game spin wheel, 2 packs of play dough to create your poo, 1 blindfold, poo mold and instruction sheet
  • TOP QUALITY: Our customers' happiness is what matters the most to us, this is the reason why we always use prime quality materials for our board games, to make them fun and durable. Try it for yourself, you won't be disappointed