Grafix Gigantic Box of Craft - 300+ Pieces

by Grafix
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4 x Paints, 3 x Glitter glues, 2 x glitter tubes, 25 x lolly sticks, 1 x wavy scissors, 1 x glue, 25 x pom poms, 1 x bag of beads, 1 x bag of assorted shaped beads, 1 x bag of sequins, 1 x bag of googly eyes, Fabric flowers, 2 x plastic spoons, 4 x straws, 4 x foam sheets, 4 x felt sheets, 2 x craft paper sheets, tissue paper, large fabric ribbon, 2 x small fabric ribbons, 1 x large fabric flower, 10 x pipe cleaners, 1 x bag of matchsticks, 2 x paper plates, EVA shapes, feathers, 2 x cords.
The Box comes complete with a carry handle built in, so you can even carry it around with you wherever you go! If you need inspiration for your crafting the box is printed with many suggestions and ideas to capture your imagination.
Box Dimensions: 32 cm x 26 cm x 17 cm

  • With over 300 craft pieces the large box is full of all sorts of arts and crafts materials for your projects!
  • Great for making animals, pom pom creatures, bead flowers, spoon pals and more
  • Make over 1000 craftable pieces with the help of this handy box of stuff
  • Box comes with handle to make it easy to carry
  • Recommended for Ages 3 years+