Chalkboard Labels Bundle - 56 Premium Quality Vinyl Blackboard Stickers Kit Includes 2 free markers

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WHEN was the last time you experienced the satisfaction of an organized life, kitchen, cupboard, containers and office ? The KreativeKraft Premium Chalkboard Labels with the Liquid Chalk Marker is the solution to DECORATE, PERSONALIZE and LABEL any space from your home in a stylish way.

The KreativeKraft Chalkboard Labels are easy to use and come in eight different styles to provide the perfect sophisticated solution to labelling all your storage items !

Simply peel and stick the label to your container. Then use the White Liquid chalk marker for a classic style or the Shimmery Gold Liquid Chalk Label for more of a Stylish look.
When it comes time to reorganize things simply wipe the label with a wet cloth and re-write whatever you like.
These labels can be used over and over again to organize and personalize any space in your home from the kitchen, office, storage areas to the kids' bedrooms.

KreativeKraft Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

KreativeKraft Chalkboard Labels come with a lifetime guarantee. So don't put up with a disorganized home where you can't find exactly what you're looking for any longer. Click 'Add to Cart' and get started on some stylish organization in your home!

  • PREMIUM QUALITY LABELS include FREE BONUS: GOLD AND WHITE Brilliant Colours Dual Tip Design Chalk Markers: 3mm & 6 mm Reversible tip Between Bullet and Chisel, Made in Japan, 3-6 mm width in writing, ensuring best quality for drawing and writing , Water based, Odor free, Non-Toxic.
  • VERSATILE -WIDE RANGE OF USE: Works Great for mason jars, canning jars, spice jars, jellies, wine Glass, coffee or tea tin boxes, cleaners, containers, folders, bottles, office supplies, toy beans, cleaning supplies, The KreativeKraft Labels are decorating and organizing your cupboards, garage, pantry storage, office, parties, bakeries, coffee shop, craft projects, nurseries, walls and kids bedrooms - If you like staying organized, you'll love the stickers!
  • 8 STYLISH DESIGNS : for a complete bundle of the best chalkboard labels and stickers for your mason jars & other containers! HIGH VISIBILITY & SIMPLE LABELING: Large Black Chalkboards surface works perfectly well with Coloured chalk pen or neon liquid chalk marker, making a high contrast labelling solution for clothes cabinet organizer, kitchen and household supplies.
  • STRONG ,DURABLE & REUSABLE with appealing look ,work with regular chalk or any liquid chalk marker. Ink dries quickly & doesn't flake; Dishwasher/refrigerator safe; To rewrite, simply wipe clean with a damp paper towel and write again with your chalk marker or just chalk. To remove your adhesive labels and use again 100's of times, simply peel off and get sticking. Easy!
  • 100% CUSTOMER SATISFACTION GUARANTEED - The perfect solution for an organized and stylish home. We all love to have an organized home and of course it has to look good too. Everyone likes things tidily stored away, labelling those containers is the key to good and successful organization.