8 Bamboo Drinking Straws

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  • 100% NATURAL AND ENVIRONMENTALLY-FRIENDLY: Bambooz straws are a great alternative to disposable straws as they are made from 100% natural, organic, and biodegradable bamboo. They are tasteless and odourless so there is no risk of missing out on flavour when drinking your favourite drinks.
  • REUSABLE: Bambooz straws can be used infinite times, are durable, recyclable, resistant and will help you contributing to fight environmental pollution
  • SAFE: Bambooz straws are washable, non-toxic, have not been treated with any colorants or coating and can even be used by children.
  • MULTI USE: You can use Bambooz to drink tea, coffee, smoothies, juices, or whatever other drink you have in mind
  • UNIQUE: Each Bambooz straw is unique in size and colour being made from 100% natural bamboo