There’s a big debate over the brand new LOL Surprise OMG Dolls. LOL Surprise fans either love them or hate them. The new dolls are 11″ tall, comparable to Barbie dolls, Ever Afer High, Monster high, and…(GASP!) Bratz dolls! More on this later. Let’s talk about what comes in this 20 surprise experience that makes these dolls $26.99! YIKES! The 20 surprises includes accessories such as earring, bracelet, shoes, glasses, choker necklace, brush, purse/handbag, am outfit, fashion magazine, doll stand, two hangers, a mirror, and more. The box itself does open up to be a dressing room for the doll. The dolls do have moveable arms, but not legs.

Okay, so die-hard Bratz fans have been comparing the LOL OMG Fashion dolls to the beloved Bratz dolls. While the dolls are both made by MGA, have real style-able hair, and slamming outfits, we find that the OMG fashion dolls are a bit more curvy making them reflect more a realistic body type. The OMG fashion dolls continue the big eyes as the LOL Surprise big sisters where as Bratz had the almond eyes and big lips. In addition, while the OMG dolls have articulated arms, they don’t have articulated legs which is the opposite of what the Bratz dolls possessed. Another difference is that the OMG dolls have small shoes whereas Bratz had the big platform style shoes.

If you’re looking to collect all four dolls in the first series, you can find them here in the affiliated links. We’re predicting LOL Surprise OMG Fashion Dolls Series 2 will be out right in time for the Holiday 2019 season.

LOL Surprise OMG Swag Fashion Doll
LOL Surprise OMG Lady Diva Fashion Doll
LOL Surprise OMG Neonlicious Fashion Doll
LOL Surprise OMG Royal Bee Fashion Doll

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